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The Walking Dead Season Two Pre Owned Playstation 4

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description:   The strange thing about life after the rise of the dead is that the new world looks very similar to the old one. That is, until you notice the broken-out windows of abandoned homes and the left-behind cars filling otherwise empty streets. You've had time to learn that you're living in a whole new world, however - what might look like an idyllic backyard or just another abandoned store could be brimming with hordes of the dead, all mindlessly starving for your flesh and unstoppable in their numbers and strength. Once you were an innocent little girl with loving parents who worried about homework and playing outside with your friends. Now you fend for yourself, eking out survival in any way you can and narrowly avoiding the death that waits for you around every corner. Every day you ask yourself - do I have what it takes to stay alive? Return to the chilling world of Clementine, a young survivor of the apocalyptic rise of the dead in The Walking Dead: Season Two. Enter a bleak world created by award-winning comic book creator Robert Kirkman, where death and brutality lurk all around and safety is at best a temporary condition. Fight against the masses of the dead that hunt you like prey and seek only to slake their never-ending hunger. Make friends where you can, but remember - not everyone you meet can be trusted. Determine your fate with every choice you make, and feel the impact of your decisions from Season One and the DLC episode 400 Days. The world you live in provides no comfort, security or protection - any chance for survival comes down to you alone.

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