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The Wolf Among Us Pre Owned Playstation 4

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description:   We all know the classic tale - the big, bad wolf will huff, puff and blow your house down. But what if there's much more to the dangerous and fantastic characters of fairytales than you ever gleaned from the pages of your favorite stories? In Fabletown, the denizens of legends and long-told tales live in tenuous harmony. Deputy Mayor Ichabod Crane pulls the political strings from behind his desk at city hall, aided in his tireless tasks by Miss Snow White of poisoned apple fame. Romantic drama rages in the complex relationship between Beauty and her Beast. A stop at the town library reveals an inebriated flying monkey fresh from the land of Oz swooping between the stacks. Holding it all together is Sheriff Bigby Wolf, fearsome villain of myth turned protector of the inhabitants of Fabletown. Maintaining the peace is a large enough job, but Bigby's days are further complicated by run-ins with two old foes, Colin the Pig, last survivor of three porcine comrades, and the meddling Woodsman. And of course, there's always Bigby's greatest struggle - earning the respect and trust of his neighbors and containing the beast within. Get ready to see familiar and beloved characters in a whole new light in The Wolf Among Us. Enter the violent and intriguing world of Bill Willingham's Eisner Award-winning Fables comics in five action-packed episodes that precede the events of the series' first installment. Walk in the shoes of Sheriff Bigby Wolf, one-time villain now tasked with safeguarding the residents of Fabletown. Get to know the familiar characters of your favorite tales in a dark, dangerous world. Become the kind of character you wish to be, but beware - each choice you make, as well as the time at which you make it, holds specific consequences. Will they all live happily ever after? The answer lays in your hands.

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