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Warrior Ritual Vr1 Sr Goalie Stick

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Brand :  Warrior

description:   Warrior has been a significant force in both the player and goalie stick industry for nearly a decade and continue this success with the addition of the new Ritual VR composite stick line. The Warrior Ritual VR1 features a base of HiFused constructed lightweight carbon paddle. This translates to a resistance in the stick from impact torsion with a neutral; light balanced feel. Warrior's exclusive Shocka vibration dampening technology through the shaft provides a more comfortable impact. TwinSpar paddle reinforcement provides exceptional impact resistance while remaining remarkably lightweight. The stick is finished off with a DotMatrix finish on the handle at the shoulder for extra control and grip. For the goalie looking for a super-lightweight composite stick with extra vibration dampening technology; look no further than the Warrior Ritual VR1.

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